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  • AOR major review and Student record expansion England and Wales

    This consultation makes proposals which aim to ensure that HESA and our Statutory Customers have the necessary data to perform our functions in respect of students studying in transnational education (TNE) and through partnership arrangements. It proposes changes to data collection approaches for providers in England and Wales, which are intended to fill current gaps in our knowledge while ensuring that data requirements from higher education providers remain proportionate. The... More
    Opened 25 May 2023
  • AOR major review and Student record expansion Scotland and Northern Ireland

    The purpose of this consultation is to gather feedback on proposed amendments relating to the collection of data on transnational education (TNE) students in Northern Ireland and Scotland. These include measures to fill the current gap in our knowledge of these students, for example, in relation to the subjects that they study and the types of TNE activity in which they engage. The specific proposals are set out in the main body of the consultation. The aim of these... More
    Opened 25 May 2023
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