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Closed Consultations

  • Student record 22056 - post implementation consultation

    The 2022/23 Student record was a result of the Data Futures programme work and a major change to the sector. Whenever a major change is made to our records, Jisc will follow up with a post-implementation survey to refine the changes we made and make improvements for following years. We...

    Closed 23 February 2024

  • HE-BCI evidence gathering survey

    This survey is a part of HESA’s review of the Higher Education – Business and Community Interactions (HE-BCI) survey. Its purpose is to gather information about current practices for the recording and use of data about knowledge exchange (KE) and related activities. This builds on a wide range of...

    Closed 29 January 2024

  • Staff review: evidence gathering survey

    The launch of this major review allows us to take stock of the changes which have occurred in the decade since the last major review of the Staff record, to assess their impact, and to determine the extent to which the Staff record as it now stands meets the needs of our users. Since the...

    Closed 13 October 2023

  • AOR major review and Student record expansion Scotland and Northern Ireland

    The purpose of this consultation is to gather feedback on proposed amendments relating to the collection of data on transnational education (TNE) students in Northern Ireland and Scotland. These include measures to fill the current gap in our knowledge of these students, for example, in relation to...

    Closed 6 September 2023

  • AOR major review and Student record expansion England and Wales

    This consultation makes proposals which aim to ensure that HESA and our Statutory Customers have the necessary data to perform our functions in respect of students studying in transnational education (TNE) and through partnership arrangements. It proposes changes to data collection approaches for...

    Closed 24 August 2023