Data Futures monthly update poll

Closed 31 Jan 2023

Opened 30 Nov 2022


Please only answer this survey:

  • As an individual (not on behalf of your organisation).
  • If you receive the Data Futures monthly update, whether as an operational contact or a subscriber.

We are now in the reporting year for the 2022/23 (22056) collection.

We currently send the Data Futures monthly update and HESA weekly update to all operational contacts.

We are considering: 

  • Whether to keep sending the Data Futures monthly update.
  • Whether to move all Data Futures news and updates into the HESA weekly update from 2023.

This change would only affect subscribers, as you would then need to subscribe to the HESA weekly update to receive Data Futures information. All operational contacts receive the weekly update.

We are seeking user feedback to inform our decision.