April 2022 Data Futures readiness survey

Closed 13 May 2022

Opened 4 Apr 2022


Why are we doing this survey?

We want to ensure that you have all the relevant information to complete the 2022/23 collection in the new HESA Data Platform (HDP) using the 22056 Student - Data Futures model. To help you successfully submit 2022/23 data we need to understand how ready you are for the new collection process.  

The survey will be used alongside HESA monitoring provider engagement with Data Futures, including:

  • Involvement in the pilot stages
  • Completing e-learning
  • Attending training events.

How are we running the survey?

This survey is available online only and is mandatory for all providers. We have included a PDF of the survey text to assist cross-organisational collaboration, but please note we expect online responses only.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

We have structured the survey into four sections:

  • Business process
  • Data
  • Systems readiness
  • General feedback.

The questions have been worded in such a way that they can be repeated, to track progress. In addition, we hope that the questions will provide suggestions on areas where effort might be required from your organisation to help readiness.

Please work with as many members of your organisation as you consider appropriate to answer this survey. Responses will be treated as confidential, although we expect to share summaries to the Programme Board.

Please also note, a member of your senior management team will need to have had sight of and endorse the responses submitted - you will complete a check box at the end of the survey to confirm this.

What will we do with survey responses?

Survey results will help the Data Futures programme team to prioritise efforts across common themes arising. We expect to:

  • Target any communications to relevant groups of providers.
  • Provide increased information on specific topics.
  • Provide increased training on specific areas of concern.
  • Raise concerns on behalf of providers to the relevant statutory customers as required.

If a provider raises themselves as high-risk, HESA will contact the individual who submitted the response, to understand how HESA can help. We will also share the names of the providers with the individual regulator, e.g. a provider in England will be shared with OfS, a provider in Wales with HEFCW, so they can seek to provide additional support.

This process will also be followed for those providers deemed high-risk by HESA. This would include providers who do not submit a response to the survey or those who have flagged concerns that are outside of their control, e.g. software supplier readiness.

HESA does not expect to share detailed survey results with regulators, but there may be special circumstances where this would be appropriate. If this was necessary, we would seek confirmation from the survey responder before sharing any detailed information.

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