74808 On-entry data

Closed 5 Feb 2020

Opened 8 Jan 2020


As announced on 28 August 2019, on moving to discrete collections a new EntryProfile entity is being created to record the information statutory customers require when a student starts a programme of study. The EntryQualificationAward will move to become a child of the EntryProfile entity. 

On entry to-be


The rationale for this change was to allow on-entry data to be returned only once and then pulled forward for future submissions so that providers do not need to re-enter this information. This change was made to mimic the current reporting behaviour to minimise change between the discrete collection and legacy collections. Since announcing this change, discussion with providers and statutory customers have identified advantages and disadvantages to this approach. We are therefore seeking your views on two different approaches: 1) to automatically pull through on-entry data for future submissions and 2) for providers to re-state the on-entry data every collection the programme of study is reported. 

This consultation considers two ways of returning on-entry data to understand the preferences of providers.

A PDF of the consultation is available to download. Please note, this is for reference only; we will only be accepting online responses.

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