58158 returning postgraduate research students and cost centre

Closed 5 Feb 2020

Opened 8 Jan 2020


In response to feedback from providers, the way in which module data is returned for postgraduate research (PGR) Instances does not always reflect the provision within organisations. After discussions with statutory customers, we want to understand more fully about the PGR provision within providers to help inform the development of the model and guidance for Data Futures.

This consultation includes a possible change to the way cost centres are returned for PGR programmes for all providers. 

After the previous curriculum consultation with the sector a structure has been agreed. This is detailed in Curriculum for PGR section.

In the current legacy Student collection, the return of module data is mandatory for all instances which, in some cases, results in PGR instances being associated with generic (‘dummy’) modules.

Currently, the only method of collecting cost centre information is through the Module Subject entity, returned under Module.

A PDF of the consultation is available to download. Please note, this is for reference only; we will only be accepting online responses.

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