HESA subscription consultation

Closed 10 Jul 2019

Opened 25 Jun 2019


Phase 2 of the HESA Consultation focusses on the subscription agreement and gives Providers an opportunity to comment or provide feedback on all elements of the agreement.

We strongly recommend that this review is carried out with input from your legal team.

This phase of the consultation focusses on the HESA Subscription Agreement and has been shaped by the information provided through the first phase of the consultation, and direct feedback from Providers. The draft shared for comment has been developed in conjunction with Statutory Customers and we continue to work with them on the final agreement throughout the consultation period and beyond.

Responses are not mandatory and the question format is the same throughout the consultation, as shown in the example below:

“7. Do you have feedback on 1. DEFINITIONS & INTERPRETATION?

Please provide feedback on clause 1.1 in the box below:”

During the consultation period, we will continue to work closely with and receive input from our Statutory Customers. The final subscription agreement will be issued following external legal review.

The final version will be shared following receipt of responses to the draft subscription agreement consultation and external legal review.