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  1. The GMC is acquiring these data in order to carry out its statutory functions under the Medical Act 1983. These include a general function of “promoting high standards of medical education and co-ordinating all stages of medical education”, which is set out in section 5 of the Act.
  2. Inclusion of undergraduate assessment data has been a long-term objective of the UK Medical Education Database (UKMED) since its inception. Analysis would open long-term future opportunities to evaluate changes in medical education allowing researchers to explore the relationship between performance at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 
  3. Medical Royal Colleges currently provide equivalent postgraduate data to UKMED, and researchers have already demonstrated the utility of these scores for assessing predictive validity of both medical school aptitude tests sat on entry to medical school, and measure of attainment in medical school. Researchers could explore whether medical school assessments offer predictive validity of later outcomes such as postgraduate performance, or fitness to practise.
  4. Collection of a UK-wide dataset would allow national level analysis of differential attainment in undergraduate assessment. Central analysis would be more efficient and informative than conducting individual analyses at school level – saving considerable resource across schools, and potentially enabling insight before the point of graduation.
  5. In the long term, assessment data would help us evaluate the MLA. For example, comparing students’ results in the applied knowledge test against their assessment performance throughout medical school would allow us to gauge its reliability.
  6. The UKMED Advisory Board1 is fully supportive of obtaining undergraduate assessment data. A letter of support for this data collection from Professor Jon Dowell is here


1.The UKMED Advisory Board. This has representation from the following organisations: Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, BioMedical Admissions Test, British Medical Association Medical Students Committee, Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans, General Medical Council, Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test, Health Education England, Higher Education Statistics Agency. Medical Schools Council, NHS Education for Scotland, Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency, UK Clinical Aptitude Test, UK Foundation Programme Office, Wales Deanery.

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