HESA: GMC assessment data

Closed 13 Sep 2019

Opened 5 Jul 2019


HESA have been working with the GMC to provide them with assessment data for all summative assessment that lead to a primary medical qualification. There was a proposal made for inclusion in 2019/20 (ID 51352: Module marks for courses regulated by the General Medical Council) to include Module.MARKSCHEME and ModuleOutcome.MODULEMARKS which has been removed. This new proposal will replace any previous outcomes.

In addition to consulting, we are seeking structured information on how schools currently work with the total scores from summative assessments in order to inform future steps.


Our planned approach is:

  1. July consultation.
  2. August specification agreed.
  3. First year submission using spreadsheets or the preferred return method as indicated in this consultation return.
  4. 2021/22 submission through HESA.

Proposed implementation

We propose a suite of entities to be collected from 2020/21 onwards: Assessment, Passmark and Student Assessment. 

In 2020/21 this would be collected via a spreadsheet return, made directly to the GMC. In future years this would be added to the Data Futures data model, as specified below. 

Key information

HESA will ensure that the principles of data minimisation are considered and privacy by design is implemented whilst developing our approach to the collection.  We will ensure that a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is completed and reviewed by HESA’s Data Protection Officer prior to any processing of personal data starting, and appropriate controls put in place to mitigate risks to any personal data.

This proposal has already been to a series of workshops with the sector and this current recommendation has been developed in light of that feedback. 

For more information on everything done so far with GMC assessment data, please see the assessment webpage.

Please note that these data would only be delivered to the GMC for UKMED, it would not be delivered to any other of HESA’s Statutory Customers. 

For a primary medical qualification, we are considering Masters and First degrees (with honours and ordinary non-honours) that are accredited by the GMC. (These are COURSEAIM = M16, H16, I16 currently and in the Data Futures model this would be where QUALCAT = M0003, H0003 or I0001 and where the ACCREDITATIONID = 05901). Note: that assessments for intercalated degrees are not included.

GMC would prefer to capture all summative assessment data from year 0 or year 1 onwards.  By summative assessments we mean any assessments that are used to determine whether a student is able to progress to their subsequent year of study or an assessment that is used to determine whether a student is awarded a primary medical qualification.  

We have included a PDF of the consultation text below; you may want to print a copy for reference when completing the consultation.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Cross-organisational response

We expect that your response will come jointly from medical school and central records staff. 

To enable different members of your organisation to influence your response you are able to use the the ‘save later’ option. Once you click the ‘save later’ option you will receive a unique link.

Once the required questions have been completed, a ‘Finish’ button will appear at the bottom of the consultation. Pressing this will complete the consultation and send your responses for analysis. Please do not click through to finish until you are satisfied with all of your answers.

On completion, a copy of your responses will be generated as a PDF and sent to the email address you entered at the beginning of the consultation.

For more information on everything done so far with GMC assessment data and some FAQs following the recent workshops, please see the assessment webpage.