HESA Consultation

Closed 3 May 2019

Opened 27 Mar 2019


The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of our subscribers and others across the higher education (HE) sector regarding the UK-wide services offered by HESA, and the impacts of becoming the designated data body (DDB) in England on our service. HESA will use the output of this consultation to inform decisions about what services it offers, and what fees it charges, in future.

We will use the outcomes of this consultation to determine our overall service offering and subscription model, within which will be:
•    a statutory subscription which covers the costs of providing the right level of services to help HE providers discharge their responsibility to deliver statutory data to the right level of quality;
•    a non-statutory subscription (this name could change) that covers non-statutory activities. These activities are for HE providers to subscribe to on a voluntary basis.

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Why We Are Consulting

HESA is one of the UK HE sector agencies. Our ‘co-owned’ and charitable status is fundamental to our identity. This survey is your opportunity, as a stakeholder in HESA, to influence the way in which HESA shapes its future services. It is important because we need to ensure that we are offering the right mix of data collection, dissemination and support services to help you meet your regulatory or statutory requirements.

The Higher Education and Research Act 2017 (HERA) created the Office for Students (OfS), together with a new regulatory framework for higher education in England. This structure includes the role of a DDB for England, to which HESA has been appointed.

Becoming the DDB means that many of our activities and collections form part of a statutory and regulatory obligation for English HE providers (and continue to be a statutory requirement across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). This consultation is designed to perform two main functions:

•    articulate and share with our subscribers, at a high level, what the statutory elements of our service are; and
•    determine how we shape the overall HESA service offering to ensure ongoing delivery of the right services, and to ensure that we maintain a UK-wide picture of the HE sector.

As HERA has been the impetus for this activity, the specific link between HERA and various requirements has been identified throughout the consultation. However, this does not suggest that it is considered in any way as being more important than the requirements of the other nations within the UK or any other statutory requirements.

We are seeking one response per organisation. We would strongly encourage engagement across teams and departments within HE providers in the formulation of responses.

What Happens Next

This consultation is the first stage of a wider series of engagements with the HE sector.

Following analysis of responses made to this consultation, we will develop a proposed subscription model and produce the new HESA subscription agreements which will need to be in place for 1 August 2019.

In May we will provide further information on the form of the new subscription agreement giving you an opportunity to respond to proposals during a two-week period in May.