74710 Curriculum data

Closed 13 Sep 2019

Opened 30 Jul 2019


In response from feedback from providers, the way we had structured the curriculum wasn’t reflecting the way they hold it in their systems. This was causing an increase in complexity in managing and maintaining the data they would have to submit in Data Futures. 

This consultation considers alternative ways of structuring the curriculum data, to explore if there could be a better model for providers, which still meets the statutory reporting requirements. 

We have worked with Statutory Customers over a series of workshops and included providers in one of these, to understand the requirements further. This has allowed us to come up with two options that we believe might better fit the way many providers record the data currently. We would like to avoid the situation of forcing providers to artificially create more courses or more data in their software, simply for the purposes of reporting the data to HESA. 

This consultation begins by setting out the two alternative proposals for the curriculum data in Data Futures, followed by a series of general questions for both models. It then steps through a number of scenarios, with more specific questions on each. It then ends with a final couple of questions on your preferences. Providers should pick a preferred option, and indicate by exception where they think the other option would be preferable. We therefore advise reviewing all scenarios before determining your preferred option.

We have created a PDF of the consultation text, including diagrams and questions to assist you. Please note, we will only be accepting online responses: the PDF is for reference purposes, to aid cross organisational response.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Cross organisational response

To enable cross-organisational response, the consultation is grouped into subjects for different audiences to engage with. When you click ‘next step’ under each section, you will be returned to the contents page, which tracks your progress through the questions in each section. 

The ‘save later’ option, also allows multiple users from one organisation to engage with the consultation. Once you click the ‘save later’ option you will receive a unique link. 

Please ensure that you read all of the information supplied in each section before answering the questions.

Once the required questions have been completed, a ‘Finish’ button will appear at the bottom of the consultation. Pressing this will complete the consultation and send your responses for analysis. Please do not click through to finish until you are satisfied with all of your answers.

On completion, a copy of your responses will be generated as a PDF and sent to the email address you entered at the beginning of the consultation.